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"That we can now think of no mechanism for astrology is relevant but unconvincing. No mechanism was known, for example, for continental drift when it was proposed by Wegener. Nevertheless, we see that Wegener was right, and those who objected on the grounds of unavailable mechanism were wrong."
-Carl Sagan, Astronomer


The sunset chart system is at once a philosophy, a reference on historical facts, and a site for various astrological precepts and an introduction to a new concept within the field of astrology.

The primary purposes of this work is to present a model of astrology that may correspond to the thinking of the Chaldean culture during the early pre-Seleucid period and provide you with the basic concepts of which the ancient astrologers were probably aware.

The most curious observation about the early Babylonian/Chaldean writers, based on their style of writing, is their implied lack of understanding of the laws of cause and effect. This one single element is the most likely basis concerning Babylonian’s extensive writings about omens. It also states another valuable insight; the Chaldean scribes did not recognize their astrological sightings as causal but synchronistic reflections with events here on Earth.

The study of Babylonian texts, which consist mostly of literary works, ancient myths, omens, epic tales, poems and hymns, has presented characteristic features about their cultural pattern, and from these early corpora, I have proposed a hypothesis about the Chaldean astrological background.

My work is derived from this hypothesis:

IF (by #)       Can we: (by letter)

1) The Chaldean day began at Sunset.

A) Use the Matrix chart beginning at sunset.

2) The Chaldeans were interested in rising, culminating and setting of heavenly bodies.

B) May we rotate the chart in a diurnal fashion?

3) The Babylonian’s listed their gods in numerical order beginning with AN (60).

C) Use of listing planets by numerical longitude.

4) The Moon significantly moves an average 12+degree daily.

D) Note the first and last aspect in a 24-hour period

5) The Babylonians used 'The Law of Seventy-two;' Fagan suggested the pentade theory.

E) Use five-degree intervals within the solar arc between the sun and planets to denote time of events?

6) The Babylonians didn’t use the outer planets.

F) Possibly breakdown the outer planets for personal use while still allowing them to be useful in today’s society

To be sure, the proof is by no means obvious and direct; there is no explicit statement in the ancient texts that indicates astrological phenomena as we know it.

The Chaldeans, Egyptians and even many cultures still living today began or begin each new day with sunset. This fact is why sunset is my basis for the following speculation.

How the ancient Chaldeans may have conducted their heavenly observations.

When we view the birth chart combined with the sunset chart in a bi-Wheel fashion, we immediately notice aspects between the two of them of which we were previously unaware. For example, consider a person born four-hours and forty-eight minutes after sunset. We would find the birth chart and the sunset chart relating to each other by an aspect called a quintile. This relationship between the two charts might explain a level of inventiveness that might otherwise not be indicated elsewhere. Consequently, for the rest of the person’s life, the entire range of planetary transits would have this primal energy attached to them. Another feature of the sunset chart is its use as a timing device between planetary arcs through the solar arc. The "ground rules" for events in the life are described by the nature of the planets while the timing of such events is regulated by the distance of longitudinal arc from the Sun. Your chart has personal aspects, regardless of degree, and indicates the nature and timing of personalized events, both by transits, and/or rogression, whichever comes first.

Finding inner direction is one of our most basic drives as we search for meaning, purpose and probable outcome in our lives. Louis Pasteur once said, "Chance favors the prepared mind." Astrology has persisted through the ages because it is a tool that helps prepare our minds for greater self-understanding, thereby eliminating or reducing stress. Good astrologers know this, and practice the craft to help allay their clients' worries.

The astrology chart is very much like a house. There are many rooms that have different characteristics and functions, none of which can completely take the place of the other. It is important for the astrologer to remember what level (or room) he is using when reading the chart. Understanding the "big picture," one's personal ideal, and direction, serves as the beacon; it clears away the cobwebs in those darkened rooms. The purpose of the sunset chart system is to give the astrologer a systematic view of the astrology chart without getting lost in a myriad of multi-dimensional processes that create nothing more than a mental maze. The sunset chart is unique and is introduced to give “personalized information” based solely on your chart and the position of the planets without the “cookbook” system. This system is completely new and its principles have not been offered in any other system to date.

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